Drama workshops

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

Next Stage Coaching offers Drama workshops from a professional who firmly believes that Drama and the making process of Drama can help a child and young person’s holistic development.

Working with others, sharing ideas, taking on a role or character can help our young people find their own voice, develop collaboration skills and fire their imagination. The fun and expression encouraged helps to hide the fact that skills are being taught and critical thinking is being developed.

We offer a wide variety of short programmes to encourage children and young people to work with others, develop confidence and encourage enquiring minds. The focus is fun with learning on side, if you’re having fun you won’t even notice the learning process, it becomes organic. Without the pressure of assessment or even final performance in front of an audience our young people can enhance their skills and grounding to have them feel comfortable to move to that next stage of engaging an audience without even noticing it.

drama workshop

What we offer:

Ages 6 – 11

A series of issue and skills-based schemes to encourage an understanding of the world, people and behaviour alongside the development of some basic rehearsal and performance skills. The six-week programmes are designed for progression in both Drama and personal skills and offer different subject bases to encourage understanding of our wide world. These workshops are currently offered in collaboration with The Little Bookshop.

Ages 11 – 14

A combination of issue and skills-based work in addition to script study and learning about the devising process to extend the toolbox of the young performer. These six-week programmes are designed to encourage variety and the development of the individual as an ensemble member and performer.

Ages 14 – 18

Some basic actor training to develop the physical and vocal skills of the young performer. These one-off sessions are more of a 1 to 1 or small group programme designed around the young person’s motivations. These programmes could include guidance with the audition process for Drama holiday schools, for performing arts school and university applications. Skills to help with presentation and confidence as these young people begin to consider becoming tomorrow’s young professionals. Also there is an opportunity for tuition and specific support with both the practical and written element of GCSE and A Level Drama and Theatre courses.


Drama workshops – 6 one hour sessions – €150
Individual 1 to 1 Drama sessions – €50 per hour
Individual Drama package – €150 for 4 sessions